Our Quality

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Medicross Instrumente has persistently made noteworthy contribution by providing outstanding services to the fraternity of Medics. The company is delegated with eminent Surgeons with outstanding confidence who have dedicated their lives to nurture mankind.

Medicross Instrumente pledges to eternally remain a quality conscious company and generate continual technological advancements. We have always believed in keeping quality alive as a heritage.  For us quality doesn’t come at the end but is a medium for achieving excellence and perfection at all stages. After all we are committed to surpass our customer expectations.

All our equipments are manufactured at our ‘workshop of the future’ with ultramodern facilities where magnificently engineered fabrication and assembly is undertaken by CNC Lathes along with other modern machineries with appropriate testing prior to release. All aspects of manufacturing and packaging are done in a very sterile and hygienic environment. We adhere to the policy of strict quality control ruthlessly by using in-house test laboratory in order to deliver competitive quality assurance at all times.

All our products are sterilized by Gamma Irradiation at  B.A.R.C  (Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Government of India undertaking). Strict guidelines of GMP are adhered to at every stage of processing right from raw material sourcing up to packaging and dispatching.

All our final products conform to international standards viz.:- DIN (German Standards) or BIS (British Standards) or ASTM (American Standards) or JIS (Japanese Standards) which are all equivalent to the relevant IS (Indian Standards) with warranties and prompt after sales services.


We seriously acknowledge the significance of technology in today’s era and hence relentlessly attempt to abreast ourselves with rapid technological developments which in turn, will definitely help us achieve our quest for excellence in the field of Medical & Surgical disposables.

Our R & D department not only facilitates in developing new products and their manufacturing technologies but also aids in improving the existing ones.

“With a successful past and a strong hold on the present, Medicross Instrumente is ready to take on the global market.”